Those of you who run high traffic websites, have probably tried php-cgi/fcgi down the road. And most of us, have gone back to Apache.

But now — actually since the middle of 2007 — there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I read a blog post by Evert Pot’s last night (Apache speed and reverse proxies). Evert noted that he tried to use Lighttpd and php-fcgi, all the infamouse tricks with, etc.. — and failed.

He referenced my own blog post where I shared a similar experience; on a sidenote, I’m very glad I’m not the only one who’s had these issues. One of the commenters on Evert’s blog suggested that he used a project called php-fpm, which I had never heard of to date.

###Drum roll!

So anyway, php-fpm is the efforts of Andrei Nigmatulin and they seem to be the end to all those problems. I’ve spend a few hours last night reading up on it (with the help of Google Translate) and doing a test install, and it seemed pretty cool. I emailed Andrei and suggested that he added links to Google Translate from all pages but he instead setup a wiki. Wee!

I spent two hours over the course of this day moving the pages into the wiki. And the result is:

###Quo vadis?

First off, let me just add that the wiki is work in progress, and you are welcome to contribute! A lot of English is straight Google Translate which is naturally not perfect.

So far, I’ve been moving all Russian pages to English ones, I’m hoping Andrei feels guilty (:-)) when he sees my pages and adds Russian back in. I’ve also emailed someone who translated the brief HowTo into Chinese!

Further more, I have not yet tried php-fpm but I’m excited and will let you know what the results are. If you are a step ahead of me (Well, I’ve overslept this thing since 2007!), please share your experience in the comment section!