A small howto to get the latest redis-server and a webinterface on Ubuntu.


… redis should listen on localhost:6379.

You may need to get i386 instead of amd64 if you run 32bit.


You may need to add the following to /etc/sysctl.conf:

… that is, especially if you run in a VE (e.g. inside xen).

All other configs are in /etc/redis/redis.conf.


Because web interfaces are so simple, I decided to get redweb.


So, on Ubuntu, python-support is at 0.8.4 currently, but we’ll need something equal or greater than 0.9.0. This is why I update python-support from Debian.


git clone http://github.com/tnm/redweb ./redweb-git

Patch redweb-git/redweb/redweb.py with:


… this is a bit annoying. If you do python redweb/redweb.py, it’ll complain about missing files.

Then browse to


So this is my redis-server howto — nice and simple.

And once you have Redis up and running, feel free to browse over to Rediska and use their session handling for Zend Framework. Setup is pretty simple and it works like a charm. :-) I’d suggest you use their trunk code, which is hosted on Github as it will contain a few improvements and a small bugfix which I did.

For more on Rediska, watch this space. ;-)