Sorry, I’m late for a post-conference praise — but anyway!

JSConf(.eu) was one awesome conference. But you may ask why?

So for starters, and full-disclosure, I know a couple of the people who were involved organizing the conference, but that’s not all.

Here is what they did to make it an awesome conference

The organizer managed to cram a ton of interesting sessions into only two days. For those sessions they invited very interesting speakers and also managed to attract not less interesting attendees. Season those two days with three awesome parties (pre-conf, conf, post-conf (and one insane post-post-conf)), and you will only begin to imagine what you missed out on. In any case, go check out twitter, the pictures and the slides!

Meet & greet!

Without further ado, here’s a list of people I recommend not only following on Twitter, but also hanging out for realz (in alphabetical order):

@amyhoy, @binary42, @cramforce, @eamonleonard, @furf, @janl, @nonken, @paulca, @psvensson, @roidrage, @ryah, @sh1mmer, @thomasfuchs

(Hope I didn’t forget anyone!)

Thanks, and I’ll hopefully see everyone soon, or next year! :-)