Mmmhhhh!!! Just kidding of course. ;-)

I’m sure you’ve already read Ulf Wendel’s blog post about the PHP BBQ Tour. And as you noticed, he’ll be in town Berlin on the 18th June. What better opportunity is there to come out and share a Bratwurst (or a veggie-dog) with a couple people from the local PHP usergroup, and MySQL Sun (Oracle?) and other known PHP folks such as PHPUnit’s Sebastian Bergmann and Mayflower’s Bjoern Schotte.

So in order to make it easy, we’ll hang out at the beer garden at Schoenbrunn. They always have a grill with Bratwurst and Steak going, and you can order food from the menu. Needless to say they do have beer and other drinks.

If you plan on coming, please RSVP in the comments on the designated wiki page!

Looking forward to it!

P.S. If you’re not in Berlin, check out Ulf’s travel plan. He also visits Munich, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Dortmund, Hamburg and Kiel. Especially the last two places do sound tempting, especially in the summer. :-)

Auf Deutsch — Ulf Wendel kommt am 18. Juni nach Berlin. Wir treffen uns ab 18 Uhr im Cafe Schoenbrunn (Volkspark Friedrichshain). Dort gibt es einen heissen Grill und Getraenke. Wer eher vegetarische Speisen bevorzugt, kann auch die Speisekarte nutzen.

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Bis bald!