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Great success!

Even though I didn't like the Borat movie very much, I still like to use his line, Great success!. But on to more important things! ;-)

Last weekend, we — the Berlin PHP UserGroup (and Christian Weiske from Leipzig) — took part in what some people labeled the European PHP TestFest 2009. In a nutshell, we were writing tests to cover different PHP extensions.

Here's the outcome (numbers courtesy of Falko Menge):

Extension  Code Coverage    Line Coverage            New Tests
gettext    62.8 -> 98.8 %    54 ->  85 /  86 lines   19
intl/idn   11.6 -> 81.4 %     5 ->  35 /  43 lines    3
sockets    32.9 -> 70.5 %   282 -> 604 / 857 lines   23
posix      47.9 -> 70.0 %   147 -> 215 / 307 lines   16
xsl        67.3 -> 77.1 %   350 -> 401 / 520 lines   19

Our tests are available on a github repository and synced to the offical TestFest subversion repository.

I think we had a lot of fun, even recruited a couple newbies :-) to the whole testing thing. I want to extend my gratitude once more to everyone (Tim, Moritz, Robin, Falko, Christian, Jan and Florian) who showed up and helped us to improve PHP.

Great effort!

BEPHPUG: Testen mit PHP -- Eine Einfuehrung in phpt

German content ahead: An invite to the local PHP usergroup meeting, today/tomorrow 6th May, 2009. It's all free and the venue is located at Z-Bar on Bergstr. 2, Berlin-Mitte!

Wir laden heute (6. Mai, 2009) zu einem kleinen Vortrag in der BEPHPUG ein.

  • Was: Testen mit PHP, eine Einfuehrung in phpt
  • Wann: 20:30 Uhr, 6. Mai, 2009
  • Wo: Z-Bar, Bergstr. 2, Berlin-Mitte
  • Eintritt: frei

... und weiter geht's am Samstag (9. Mai, 2009) mit dem TestFest!

We are TestFest'ing!

English: Berlin's PHP usergroup is taking part in PHP's TestFest 2009, on the 9th and 10th May, 2009! The location will be Boxhagener Str. 119, Berlin (Friedrichshain), if you want to attend, please RSVP on our wiki!

Starting it off, I'll give an intro to PHPT-style testing at the monthly meeting of the usergroup in May!

Deutsch: Die PHP Usergroup Berlin nimmt am PHP TestFest 2009 teil. Wir treffen uns dazu am 9. und 10. Mai in Berlin Friedrichshain. Wenn Ihr kommen wollt, tragt Euch bitte in unserem Wiki ein! Wenn jmd. einen Schlafplatz braucht, bitte vorher melden. :-)

Eine Einführung zu PHPT werde ich beim monatlichen Treffen der Usergroup im Mai geben — mehr dazu später!